The Aravali website interactive and informative space for parents, students and teachers; with information about the school, admissions and events on just a click of a button!

The website is bilateral and informative, with details on every aspect of the school. Explore the culture and education system and enroll your child into a place where dreams take flight!

Our objective was to create a website that reflects the school and is easy to understand and use for the parents. It was an enthralling experience creating this and are happy to see how it’s loved by the staff and parents alike.


The social media pages are aimed at students and parents, with content that is fun, motivating and engaging. The pages have quizzes and contests that help students learn while they surf and have an enjoyable experience on our page. The social media handles also post important updates about the school as well as achievements of the children in order to boost the morale of the students.

Students and parents enjoy part-taking in the quizzes and contests and it helps brush up their knowledge while adding a fun element.


To increase the visibility of the school, a plethora of collaterals are used to ensure that a good amount of people are aware of AIS. Design collaterals include hoardings, banners, newsletters and newspaper ads that are vivid and attractive, and depict the school’s culture and values.